Sven Kraus / Designer /

Burning Need
The Sharp Edge of Love
Bursting in Black Tears
The Almighty Sweetness of

2016 accepted as disciple by Sachiyo Kaneko
2015 opened solo exhibition in Austria
2013 began to create hangul calligraphy
2011 launched sho and zenga workshops
2010 exhibited in Regina, Kobe and Cape Town
2009 participated in Seoul and Asahikawa exhibitions
2008 apprenticed with various master brushmakers
2007 began to study in linneage of Nankoku Hidai
2006 2004 learned typography and graphic design
2003 made various brushmaking experiments
2002 gave first sho and sumi-e exhibition
2001 attended workshops in Sweden and UK
2000 underwent intense study of aquarelle
1999 discovered haiku master Kobayashi Issa
1998 began the self-study of tibetan scripts
1997 wrote first kanji character - mizu
1996 created first calligraphy - in mongolian bichig
1995 exhibited his works for first time - in Denmark
1992 began to work with brushes and ink
conceived and born in Czechoslovakia